Minimize costs, grow your customer base and improve financial performance by using’s services adds value to its customers with a variety of Business Process Outsourcing services aimed to bring efficiency and at the same time to allow its partners to focus their efforts on their core business.

Our goal is to better understand your needs and to offer you the best possible solution, to implement it fast so you could profits quickly by the results.

BPO Services has over 10 years successful experience supporting end customers who purchase travel worldwide, amongst which callers from the US, UK, Europe and Middle East, Australia, Russia and rest of the world. We are accustomed to communicating not only with end customers, but with vendors and service providers - airlines, hotels and hotel content providers, car rental companies, airports worldwide.

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Fare loading and Management can load airline market fares in a proprietary database or directly in Worldspan and Amadeus bypassing ATPCO and making fares available to travel agents worldwide. Fare loading method – automated, semi automated and manual depends on incoming fare format.

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Software development

Flexible, easily implemented and cost effective solutions for your travel business.

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Web design

Experienced in travel web design, rich in bright ideas and great in creativity, our web design team builds up branded travel and company sites that have the look and feel of your own web site or just about any look and feel you would prefer.

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